Space – The Final Frontier In Wardrobe Solutions


In the 18th century, it’s said that, although women of the aristocracy owned many fine items of clothing, many ordinary women owned just two dresses or outfits – one for every day and one for Sunday best.  The advent of more affordable, off the rack clothing has seen the number of clothes that we own rise steadily throughout the decades and, figures show that, by the end of the 1990s, Western women were buying a staggering 65 items of clothing every year. So, where do they keep them all?

Dress for success

Wardrobe-SolutionsAs our clothing collections grew, so did the need for more comprehensive storage space.  The modern woman owns a huge variety of clothing including business apparel, leisure clothing and occasion wear.  The latter, in particular, brings with it it’s own set of storage issues as, often expensive, formal gowns and outfits need to be kept in a space large enough to prevent creasing as, many of these items are not suitable for ironing.  Our increased spending power in terms of clothing has brought with it the need for specialist storage solutions – including the increasingly popular fitted walk-in wardrobe.

Once only the luxury of the super-rich, the walk-in wardrobe or closet is quickly becoming a must-have for today’s fashionista.  In the hugely popular television series, Sex And The City, despite living in a tiny apartment, Carrie prioritised her clothing with a small but perfectly formed walk-in closet which became the envy of many of a viewer.  A walk-in wardrobe allows you to organise your clothing by item or colour and to be able to clearly view your entire collection without having to rummage and wrestle inside a packed closet.  Many feel that fitting a walk-in wardrobe helps them to avoid having stacks of unworn items which are often forgotten about when stuffed into the back of a wardrobe of into a chest of drawers.

The good news for the fashion conscious is that obtaining a walk-in wardrobe is more affordable than you think!

Watch this space

Made in London, the Luxury Chelsea Storage Design fitted walk-in wardrobes offer a full storage solution to take the strain off over-worked closets.  Constructed from bright chrome lucido with contemporary handles from Cosma Express, our skilled craftsmen and talented designers have made this covetable clost a firm favourite.

But I don’t have room for a walk-on wardrobe!

fitted-wardrobes-by-Metro-WardrobesWe think you’ll be surprised!  Many people are under the mistaken belief that you need a whole spare room in order to create a fitted walk-in wardrobe in your home but, this simply isn’t the case.

Our clever craftsmen can create your walk-in wardrobe from even the smallest corner of a room.  As with Carrie’s apartment in Sex And The City, we’re able to give you the wardrobe space you desperately need, no matter what size your living space is.

Your wardrobe, your way

Our goal is to create a fitted walk-in wardrobe which is as unique as you are – which is why all of our wardrobes are fully customisable.  From colour schemes to fixtures and fittings, we work with the world’s most reputable brands to make sure that every detail is well thought out and practical as well as beautiful.

If you have a shoe collection to shame Imelda Marcos’s, we can build extra shelves and specially made footwear closets.  Hanging racks, drawers, hooks and sliding trays are expertly fitted along with a number of lighting options to make sure that you can always find what you’re looking for, quickly and easily.

best-fitted-wardrobes-UKShown here in Anthracite Mountain Larch premium woodgrain finish, the Luxury Chelsea Storage Design is effortlessly stylish and suitable for both male and female wardrobes.  We can even add accessory storage so that jewellery, ties, gloves and scarves can be kept to hand and in pristine condition.

As leading experts in fitted walk-in wardrobes, we mean what we say when we claim that all of our wardrobes are custom made for you.  From huge loft-style spaces to box rooms, we’ll find the right solution for you.

It’s thought that the world’s largest walk-in closet belongs to heiress Theresa Roemer, whose 3000 square foot closet cost $500,000 to be fitted inside her Houston mansion.  Although we’d be happy to build a wardrobe to rival Ms Roemer’s, we’re equally happy to quote for the more modest living space.

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