keep your jwellery sterling

Ways you can keep your jewellery clean and sterling

Everyday use of jewellery can make them dirty and unattractive. Soaps, dirt, and lotion are few of the many things which can make your precious jewellery appear gruesome. In order to make your jewellery sparkle again follow the tips and hacks, we have in store for you.

Let your silver shine.

Add hot water(two cups) in a bowl. You will need an adequate amount of water to clean all the pieces of jewellery you have. This technique will help you clean the silver jewellery without causing any abrasions to it. The use of salt baths will help to remove the layer of tarnish from the silver jewellery. Keep the amount of water in proportion to the number of items you are washing. Increase or decrease the amount of water accordingly.

This method will not harm the precious stones on the jewellery. It is gentle on gemstones, but if the stones on the jewellery are costly then it is better you take it to a professional.

clean and sterling jwellery

Use of aluminium foil.

In two cups of hot water add salt(one tablespoon), stir until it dissolves completely in water. Tear a few strips of aluminium foil and add it to the solution of water. Now, place the item of your jewellery that needs washing. Aluminium and Salt blend together to give your jewellery a shiny, bright and new look. This procedure can be carried out by using baking soda instead of salt. If your jewellery has completely lost its shine, then it needs more than five minutes in the solution of water. Do it for a few times to restore the beauty of the silver.

When you see the tarnish has started to fade away from the silver, place it under cold, running water. Wipe it with a dry towel. Your jewellery will be as good as new.

Cleansing the jewellery.

If there is a thicker layer of tarnish on the silver jewellery, then the ways mentioned above might not work. You will need something that has a better action on your jewellery. Silver jewellery that is formulated in a special way needs polishing. This way an antique piece of jewellery or the one that has detailed designing will stay safe. To get this done always choose a professional otherwise, you might end up losing a precious layer from your silver jewellery.

keep your jwellery clean

Ways to maintain your silver.

You need to clean your jewellery more than often and that too in an appropriate way to maintain its shine. When you wear silver jewellery on a daily basis, it will not cause the problems of tarnishing. If you notice a thin layer of tarnish accumulating on your silver jewellery, wash it with warm water and some detergent that is phosphate-free.

Cleaning the jewellery immediately when it comes in contact with food that has salty, acidic or sulfur properties will help prevent tarnish. Table salt, fruits, eggs, mayonnaise, vinegar and onions are quite dangerous for the shine of silver.

Never keep your silver jewellery in plates or bowls that have traces of this food. If you don’t have phosphate-free detergent, then only wash it with warm water. Wipe it with dry towels. Don’t wear gloves when you are cleaning your silver jewellery. Never soak silver jewellery in silver bowls or place them in sinks, as this will destroy the silver.

Pay attention to what you wipe your silver jewellery with.

Keep a cloth that is free from lint or a soft fabric especially for polishing silver. Take extra care when you wipe the silver. The silver jewellery should be free from every speck of water. When you use a rough towel, it will leave behind scratches on the silver.

Store it in the right place.

After cleaning the silver, the next step is storing it. You need to keep it in a safe place. Wrap the well dried and cleaned piece of silver in an anti-tarnish or anti-acidic tissue paper. Now, put it in a zipper bag or your jewellery box. Check out the great deals and offers at if you are planning to buy new pieces of silver.

The charm and glory that jewellery bring is beyond words. Every woman needs her jewellery to complete her look and outfit.