Express Waste Removals: London’s Most Reliable Waste Clearance Company


Welcome to Express Waste Removal, the reliable, leading partner when it comes to all your waste removal needs in London. We have immense experience handling all manner of waste, from home waste, office waste, after building waste, garden and junk clearance, and so on.  In a huge city like London, identifying a reliable waste clearance company can be quite a task. So many companies offering their services, each claiming to be the best; but how do you pick the best of the best? Well, take a look at these quick points;

  • How experienced is the company; A reliable waste clearance company should have experience clearing waste in different kind of environments. Express Waste Removals has been offering waste clearance services for several years and during this time we have gained immense experience which we’ll use to your advantage. We know the areas that ordinary clearance companies may forget or ignore. We’ve also worked in residential areas, commercial buildings and offices, gardens, construction sites; our clearance teams are thoroughly experienced to handle all manner of clearance tasks.
  • How professional is the customer care team; you can tell a lot about a waste clearance team from how you interact with their customer care team on day one. A good, reliable company should have someone warm and friendly always available to speak to you, answer your queries. If you try reaching a clearance company one time, two times, and still after a day they haven’t called back, then chances are that such a company is unreliable. What will happen when you need to call them urgently for same day services, or with a complaint? Express Waste Removals always has a representative you can speak to as and when you need to. You can drop us an email or give us a call on 020 8099 9819.
  • Reputation also matters; the good thing with waste clearance is that if a company does a great job, its reputation will spread. But if they do a shoddy job, chances are that such a company won’t go far. Try and read the reviews or feedback or past clients who have tried the services. Here at Express waste Removals, we’re always glad to share with you referrals of clients we’ve worked with before and who are full of good words for us.
  • Rates charged also matter; lastly, how much should you pay for waste removal services in London? Does your company charge you exorbitantly? Do they slap you with funny additional charges; do they keep reviewing their pricing? We believe that you deserve to get value for your money. Our prices are affordable, among some of the cheapest you’ll find anywhere in the city. The fact that our services are so affordable to many Londoners doesn’t mean that they’re superior, or that we don’t do a great job. It is just that we don’t believe profitability is everything. Instead, your satisfaction is what matters to us. We’d rather have 10 happy and satisfied clients, than have 20 clients who pay more but are neither happy nor satisfied with our services.

Express Waste Removals is your professional and reliable partner for all your waste removal needs. We’re an eco friendly team and will ensure that everything is safely disposed of. We offer our services to homes and offices across London and surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us today and you’ll never regret it, our services are thorough and affordable. Also, you’ll be pleased to note that we’re a fully insured and licensed company; all our services are legal and in accordance with the relevant British and EU waste disposal laws.


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