10 Christmas Village Sets That You Can Buy On HOLYART

It is the festive season once again. This is usually an exciting and happy moment for Christians. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Most family reunions happen during this season; which is usually a wonderful moment. We get together with friends and loved ones and talk about the events that happened during the year and recall memories of the past years. We receive presents from our friends and relatives. We go to church on Christmas day to celebrate the messiah. Wow! I usually wish Christmas to be forever, don’t you?

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  • HOLYART sells various types of Christmas village sets. They are beautiful pieces of art that picture an ice filled neighborhood with magnificent star covered skies. Wow! You must really be a lover of art objects for you to buy these nice Christmas village sets.

Here are the 10 Christmas village sets that you can buy from HOLYART;

  1. Illuminated Christmas village with moving children;

This is the most beautiful Christmas village set that you’ll ever find. The lights make the village look real. The children that are touching their hands as they are moving in right to left manner just brings childhood memories.  When I was a small child I would play with my neighborhood friends out on the snow filled streets during the festive season till night falls.

christmas village sets holart

  1. Animated village with a mountain;

This set reminds me of the beautiful cartoon movies I used to watch on cartoon network as a kid. They are so beautiful. They complete a child’s Christmas day. The Mountain is usually covered in snow and the children in the Christmas village set are skidding on the snow. Some are trying to make snow men using sticks, snow and scarfs from they have taken from home. It is spectacular site to behold.

  1. Father Christmas’s sleigh for village;

 Who does not love Father Christmas? Father Christmas always has a gift for everyone. The gift is usually unique to each person. The gift is usually intended to make the recipient a better person. That is what my parents told me. I got a gift from father Christmas one time when I was a child, I have never forgotten that day. That is one of my most cherished memories.  Even today, in a way, I still believe that Father Christmas would bring me a gift even though I’m no longer a child.

  1. Christmas village with Ring a Ring-o’ roses game;

 This Christmas village set will thrill you and your family. The ring a ring-o roses game is so simple yet so moving. It brings members of the family together, and this is most important reason for Christmas; family re-union.

  1. Christmas village with moving father Christmas;

 It is a child’s dream to see Father Christmas on a sleigh moving from door to door in the neighborhood giving people presents. The deer pulling the sleigh through the snow makes this Christmas village set magical, your kids will definitely love it.

  1. Christmas village with a moving train;

 I love trains, do you? The train in this Christmas village set is moving from door to door, carrying passengers that live along the streets. This Christmas village looks unique yet simple with the captivating moving train. It can make your Christmas day special.  It invokes beautiful feelings in your mind. You must grab a piece.

  1. Winter landscape with castle and river;

 Who likes fairy tales? I do. There is a big castle whose roof is covered in snow. All around everything is covered in heavy snow. Maybe the princess is already planning of when she is coming out to play in the snow! This Christmas village set reminds me of the fairy tales I used to be told by my mother during the festive season. It is spectacular

  1. Christmas village houses with bridge;f

 This set is magnificent. The bridge captures the imagination of the tenants in the houses overlooking the river. One can imagine that they are waiting for father Christmas who is coming in his sleigh to give each on them a present. Because the bridge is the only connection between the village and the other side of the river, they hope that father Christmas would appear in his sleigh being dragged by his companions which are the deers. He will give them presents.

christmas villages sets at Holyart

  1. Little house covered in snow for winter village;

 This little house with the roof covered in snow reminds me of my childhood story books. There is a picture I recall that vividly resembles this Christmas village set. The family is already inside the house and celebrating this festive season when Jesus Christ; the savior of the world was born. It is an emotional Christmas village set.

  1. Christmas village with cable car;

 The cable car makes this Christmas village set look very magnificent. People are moving from the house on the hill to the house below using a cable car covered in ice. You can imagine that the families living in the two houses are coming together in one house to have a get together dinner. Christmas is all about coming together and sharing our stories with our friends and neighbors.

These Christmas village sets are beautiful and magnificent. You cannot miss a piece at your home this festive season.

Get them at HOLYART ecommerce website at a fair price. You can shop online and we’ll deliver the entire set to your doorstep; we ensure everything arrives in one piece, no careless handling that may cause damages. Get your order now.